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Image hidden
Full Name Vitalitus, Illure, Mierdan
Other Names Jonathan Thorne
Titles Champion of the Earth's Blood (former)
Race Human (former)
Age 700 Olde'
Status Ascended
Alignment Dark
Portrayed By James C. Kimball
Profession hidden
Place of Origin Arawyn
Last Known Residence Inverted Tower
Affiliations Circle of Ten (former)
Relations Griswald Black - Teacher (former)

VIM (Vitalitus, Illure, Mierdan) is a major part of the Greater Force of Dark on Arawyn.


In the year 700 olde', Jonathan Thorne was chosen as the Champion of the Earth's Blood by the Circle of Ten. Hugh performed a ritual starting in Vardamere and ending at the Wellspring of the Earth's Blood to change Thorne into Vitalitus, Illure, Mierdan. This would allow VIM to act as Arawyn's champion and defeat the Nethervoid at the topmost floor of the Abestine Tower.

Ultimately, VIM was unsuccessful in defeating the Nethervoid. In his failure, VIM's corpse was cast into the Void by Arawyn and eventually discovered by Iguazu.