The Pentirr Knights

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The Pentirr Knights were once an ancient order of warriors who swore to guard the weave with their lives against the forces that saw to destroy it.  These knights wielded impressive arcane powers that have since been lost to the world when the Pentirr eventually met their downfall at the hands of Evernight and Arriana.  Since then, the knights have served as undead minions to whoever holds the crown that contains their souls.

The downfall of the Pentirr came when Lord Weaveborn, son of Jerond,  betrayed the rest of the knights to Evernight, who had captured and tortured his wife Cymoril.  The Pentirr Lord eventually gave in to Arianna’s demands and gave his Pentirr Key, an item given to each knight for them to travel to Vardemere, to the dark queen in return for her release of Cymoril.  Unfortunately for the him, Arianna had brainwashed Cymoril and broke her will so greatly, that she succumbed to the darkness and embraced it.

Because of the Lord’s betrayal, Arianna gained access to the sacred city of Vardemere, catching the rest of the Pentirr off guard, and managed to kill them all, ultimately raising them as her undead minions.  Despite her efforts, however, they were still incredibly difficult to control because of their power.  So she stored their souls into emeralds and embedded them into a crown, which allowed her to gain a greater degree of control over them.

It was by a stroke of luck that the Pentirr had been warned ahead of time by strange heroes from the future of this inevitable betrayal.  They knew they could not change their encroaching fate, but they were able to prevent the dark queen from ultimately getting what she desired.  The knights hid their keys across the world so that she could not claim them.  While she could control their corpses and torment their souls, she would not have the full extent of their strength until she claimed all of the keys.

Before she could fully control Lord Weaveborn, he allowed himself to die, merging his soul with the Weave so that he might have a chance to one day help restore his fallen brethren.