The First Age

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At a fixed point in time, the Anasazi thought to create a world where life could flourish outside of the Astral Realm. So wondrous was this idea that the dragons and fey insisted on helping. When Arawyn was first created, it was just a rock and the dragons came to it and sculpted its landscape. When the dragons had finished, the world was beautiful and new and unique, but even still all who gazed upon it felt that it lacked something that none of them could describe. The life on Arawyn was largely immobile, stationary and did little to interact or grow beyond being their own isolated beings. It was thought that life should move great distances, and think, grow, interact and adapt to its surroundings. From this thought mankind was created upon the world of Arawyn.

The Beginning

1 olde' - The first human is placed upon the surface of Arawyn

The Golden Years

310 olde' - The Abastine Tower is created

The Ending

700 olde' - "The Unspeakable Sacrifice" or "Arawyn's Desperate Rage"