The Arcane Sons

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When Necrophitus Arcane had been chased away by Lucindra and the other mages, many of his students followed him into the darkness and hid away, still learning and spreading the necromantic arts.  What came about from this was a network of necromancers and black sorcerers building a collective of undead and other abominations to one day claim revenge on the college of magic and destroy The Academy at the Quartz Mountain.  The Arcane Sons, a moniker claiming themselves as the would-be children of Necrophitus Arcane, were born as his army.  For centuries they had hid away, raising undead in secret and amassing them to one day rise and swarm across the world in his name.

The cult was almost forgotten until some had been found; underlings of the cult finally caught in the act of graverobbing and raising the dead for transport back to where they had been hiding.  It was then the danger became all too real.  Centuries of raising the dead by some of the first magic users ever to exist.  Despite all effort, the hunters could not locate where the Arcane Sons had hidden away and so the threat has loomed over their heads for some time now.  No one is sure when the army will rise, but rumor of the three Houses of Hunters searching still and preparing for this have begun circulating.

Among the rumors circulating, it has been said that the use of necromancy and black sorcery - the destruction of the weave - empowers Necrophitus.  With each spell cast or each strand destroyed, he grows stronger, feeding off the negative energy released.  Some have even claimed that the use of this power has made him immortal and its continued use is what continues to keep him sustained in this world.