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As of yet, not much is known about the mysterious Society of Benefactors. What is known is that not only are they incredibly wealthy, well-connected, and organized, but they also seem to have membership in most, if not all, of the races of Arawyn. Their leader, while shrouded in mystery, seems to base most of the Society's operations out of Kormyre, hinting that they may have grander designs within the kingdom.

Upon the first interaction with the Society, Travance learned that these self-styled "Benefactors" play games for their own amusement, using the lives of others as pawns. This interaction took the form of a game wherein members of the Society of Benefactors sponsored known serial killers and unleashed them within Travance to see who could achieve the highest kill count with the most style. It is not known who "won" this game, but while some Benefactors were slain, it was clear that they were not all of the members of the Society.

While not active within Travance on a regular basis, when they deign to appear, their activities should be treated with extreme caution.

Known Associates of the Society of Benefactors:

- Cynara:  A businesswoman in the purest sense of the word, Cynara Can and will wheel and deal with anyone to get what she wants. Cynara takes delight in the pleasures of life. Food, fine clothing, people. If she wants it, she acquires it, by hook or by crook. A capable combatant in her own right, Cynara would prefer to flee rather than fight, as she places the value of her life above any others.  -DECEASED-

- Thomas "Big Tom" Jankins: Big Tom clawed his way to power in the gutters of the Dread Hills, from being a simple thug to a feared and respected crime boss in both the north and the south of Londwyn. Coarse, gregarious, and cunning, Big Tom is the kind of mob boss who will sit and get drunk with his men, doing what he can to make their lives better, but when he is crossed, he is a vicious dog. Big Tom loves to brawl, and will happily test his mettle against others. While Big Tom is looking to see if he can expand his operation. If he can push out the local guild and take over, he will, but if not, he is perfectly willing to have his men operate under the local guild’s rules so long as he gets his cut. -STILL LIVING, CLEARED OF WRONGDOING THROUGH COURT OF LAW-

- Most Honorable Sheng Lao:  An enigmatic figure even amongst the society, not much is known about Sheng Lao, other than he is at all times poised, refined, and possessing a sense of dignity. While not taciturn, Sheng Lao does not believe in wasting words, an attitude he also applies to resources and business. While polite and efficient, he will not hesitate to cut the throat of someone he views as a threat. -DECEASED-

- Lagorúthon Otenheil:  Lagorúthon has an interest in rare and interesting magical items and artifacts and will use money or force to acquire things he wants. Lagorúthon does not see the point of applying ethics to magic. To him, magic is to be used for whatever purpose he sees fit, consequences be damned.  -DECEASED-

- Myers Antonin: The child of landed Kormyrian gentry, Myers is an unstable sociopath. Charming when he wants to be, he is also prone to violent outbursts and feels entitled to special treatment by others. Myers likes to watch others suffer. Myers like to gamble and will happily play games of chance and skill with others, though not always for money.  -DECEASED-