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Cardinal Hagen was a flagellant and a true reformer who's undeniable closeness to Valos eventually earned him the title of High Pontiff of the Church of Light in the year 1213.

A letter from Divine Pontiff Artreus As written by Divine Pontiff Artreus in the end of Winter 1213

Children of the light gods, it has been almost a year now since I dismissed the collage of cardinals, sold the trappings of the church of light and gave the proceeds to the poor. I have recently sold the immense structure that held the High Church of Valos to the Mages Guild of Kormyre who have in turn given their old tower to the use of the Paladin Order as part of our agreement.

Half of the money from the sale of the church compound went to those in need. One quarter has gone into the purchase of the Valosian Churches new home, the “Sanctus Lumanarium” A modest but highly defensible stone fort in Glangsdale, built into a mountainside. The last quarter of the proceeds went into purchasing large quantities of basic supplies to be stored in the numerous caverns that branch deep into the mountain that Sanctus Luminarium resides.

With our new home in place, we are now ready to restore structure and re-build the church of light in a more godly fashion in the name of our lords of light.