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Agaura, the Aspect of War

Goddess of mischief, lost items, noise, patience, misery, vengeance, and honor in battle


Ravens; the color of fresh blood; masks; chains; daggers
Born in Blood
From the first drop of blood spilled on a battlefield, Agaura’s rites are invoked. It is from this blood drawn that she is empowered. Servants of the Lady of Chains follow the philosophy of blood and war. Pain is the ultimate test of life and one cannot experience life without the pain of the flesh. Both sadistically and self-inflicted, it is the pleasure of the flesh only enlightened can see as real experience.
War is the ceremony of blood that pays homage to her ways. In battle, the blood which is shed in her name feeds her power. It is the bath in which she bathes, soaking in the hate and rage of her servants. So too must her followers soak in the blood, for blood carries the wisdom of the divine.
The Divine Truth
The Queen of Blades only demands one rule from all. The written laws of mortal kind hold no place in her courts. A war is chaos, but a war may also restore order. The battlefield is where all of her rituals and rites are performed. The ceremonies in her name, the disputes of houses, the tests of one's deserving of life are all determined through the rites of blood and battle. To the victor goes the heart for consumption and thus the perpetuation of wisdom and enlightenment continue.

Andorra, the Aspect of Hope

Goddess of freedom, compassion, familial bonds, childbirth, defiance, peace, and springtime


Bears; the color of budding roses; keys; thorned briars; staves

A Merciful Hand
Compassion in all things begets peace. It is in the soldier who stays his hand to let an enemy return home; one who invites the enemy to be redeemed. It is in the clergyman who understands and accepts that he cannot force someone to change their life. Compassion for mortal kind is acceptance of the differences that breed experience. The compassionate hand is an invitation that offers entry into the light.
The Mother will never turn away the lost or broken. In her highest regard are held those who find the light on their own path; never forced. Holding mercy and compassion in one’s heart ensures that there will never be a need for oppression or force to sway the minds of others.
A Caring Heart
Hope in all its forms is a power greater than the strongest shield or sharpest sword. It has the power to move mountains and turn the wicked towards the Light, even in the darkest hours. It is hope for oneself that encourages growth in ambitions and will. It is hope for others that build the strongest bonds, creating the greatest bulwark against all troubles. Peace is the noblest aspiration, but to preserve it, one must be willing to fight against those that would strive to take it away, those who would bring harm to what is held most dear, and those who would take advantage of Her mercy.

Brazen, the Aspect of Experience

God of the arts, music, fine craftsmanship, fire, gluttony, perseverance, and charity


Draft horses; the color of glowing embers; artisan tools; hearty ale; hammers

Forged for a King
Followers of the Forge Father should always hold their craft, forged by hand or trained by book, to the highest standards. No work should ever be less than the best possible accomplishment. To His servants, nothing but the best work will ever suffice. However, no work should ever be scorned for being of less quality than others, for only the craftsman can truly know what is the best she can create.
In all works, nothing is truly perfect. Perfection leads to the belief that there is no longer room for improvement and thus leaves room for doubt and depreciation of the craft. For every creation, there is a lesson to be learned, a mistake to be understood and cherished. The imperfections are what make each work unique and far grander than any replication, and so everything should be treated as a masterpiece.
The Truth of Experience
Strength of heart and mind is equally as important as the strength of body, for without those, the body is merely a shield to be struck down. Servants of the Forge Father must show strength in all aspects of their being to prove their worth. It is through this display of strength that others are inspired, and through inspiration, the greatest creations in all the world are born.

Chronicler, the Aspect of Knowledge

Goddess of wisdom, temper, enlightenment, prophesy, sacrifice, good fortune, and timeliness


Foxes; the color of glinting gold; feather quills; bells; tarot cards

A Necessary Purpose
Chronicler has one purpose; to record the Great Story. To this end Chronicler has consented to be known to the world, so that those who are inspired to, may use their quills to assist her in this endeavor. Chronicler believes all knowledge is important, and it all has its reason to be known. Chronicler wants the great story to be complete, from all sides, not taking a stand on the moral worth of a being when recording their actions and what drives them.
A Piece of the Whole
To be outside the Great Story is to be outside of all realms, and so all beings play an integral part of the story in some regard, for the story would be incomplete without every account. In this, even the servants who strive to only record, have a story of their own. In their story, it is not possible nor encouraged to remain a silent observer. As forces exist to destroy records and knowledge, the scribes of Chronicler must protect it.

Enax, the Aspect of Authority

God of sovereignty, empires, prowess, ambition, discipline, and advisement


Vultures; the color of worn steel; polished armor; closed fist; broadswords

Power Rules
Power is held by the strongest in all rights, for the strong lead the weak to victory in battle, and in turn, life. The strong rule implicitly and their word is law, for only the strong are capable of building the greatest and most secure of structures. Everyone serves as part of the whole from the strongest to the weakest, but those in power alone are allowed to direct it. The weak are too feeble to know what the system needs to improve it or command it to function.
A clever mind means nothing if it can be pummeled into the dirt. Force must be used to rule, because a clever mind alone cannot punish the insolent. Through force, obedience is commanded; through obedience, the system thrives; when the system thrives, the will of Enax grows strongest.
The Divine Authority
Never allow the weak to control, for they will lead the system to its end. It is through trial of strength and force that true rulers are chosen. They stand above the countless heathens who tried to claim the throne of power. The weak seek to subvert this rule, and thus turn from the Divine Authority. Those who do so must be purged as broken pieces to be replaced.

Gaia, the Aspect of Life

Goddess of the harvest, celebration, envy, passion, protection, autumn, and hospitality


Deer; the color of autumn leaves; towering trees; compasses; sickles

The Breath of Life
All life and all each life has to offer in this world is sacred. Every being that has come to exist has reason for life and a purpose known or unknown to serve. It is the duty of all beings to seek out and serve that purpose, but the duty of Gaia’s followers to aid others find that purpose.

Disease, plague, and illness are the tools of blasphemy against Her gifts, only serving to twist and destroy her most precious creations. In good health, one is capable of achieving their goals; life can be lived. Sickness only strips away the gift given to all mortal kind, inviting the unfortunate preemptive end before purpose may be fulfilled.
The Great Journey
More than just simply living life and fulfilling a purpose, the servant seeks something greater, to expand, explore and experience. Life is given to be experienced. To stagnate invites sickness into the soul, allowing death to reap. All beings should be encouraged to experience all that Gaia has given. Life is not simply purpose and duty, but growth and influence. Just as the tree sprouts from a seed into a tall towering form which shades the adventurer underneath its leaves, so to must the servant grow to be part of the greater living world.

Galladel, the Aspect of Purity

God of memory, travel, temperance, fables, funerals, equity, and arbitrators


Falcons; the color of twilight; balanced scales; lanterns; flanged maces

Sanctity of the Soul
The soul is the most pure form of the self, reflecting all actions and behaviors. It is the soul that exists beyond the mortal realm and all things within, and continues on long after the mortal form has ceased. True spiritual purity is achieved not from within the mortal world; rather, it is obtained from outside of it when the physical no longer has control of what the self chooses. Beyond greed, beyond vanity, beyond ignorance, purity comes when the self transcends these hindrances of mortality. The physical world is like clouded glass, blocking the sight of the self.
Embrace the Spirit
The light of twilight is the beacon that all are judged against but it is also the light that inspires and brings enlightenment. The light of twilight is hope. It is the force that drives all mortal kind to achieve great deeds, or continue to fight against the impurities of their own soul. Souls are sacred and each deserve the respect that one would give their own self.

All beings need something to guide them along their journey. Aspire to be the guiding light that aids those who have wandered from their path. Beyond the physical, all are as one. Treat the soul as the body; nourish and care for it, regardless of the physical form it has taken. Act to cleanse oneself by cleansing others, letting their light reflect back.

Galmachis, the Aspect of Death

God of strategy, winter, drought, inevitability, the elderly, quiet nights, and misfortune


Owls; the color of the new moon; skulls; precious jewels; khopeshes

The Inevitable End
In the eyes of the Lord of the Dead, there is but one truth to the world: All things must die. Galmachis seeks to see that all beings meet this end at or before their destined time, but never afterward. Those who cheat the god of death and break from the Wheel of Fate are among his most detested enemies.
A being whose spirit remains strong and continues to thrive and fight for survival still serve the Lord of Death, willingly or not. Flesh wounds and injuries are not the end, however a grievous and mortal wound is the doorway to his realm.
Weight of the Soul
The clergy of death understand the trade of life for life in this action and pay the price owed. The strength of a soul is valued and serves as the weight upon which the dead turn to him. A weaker being may not be traded for stronger, but equal or greater trade, as offerings to the lord have been deemed acceptable.

While the lord of the dead does not outwardly spurn the necromantic creations, they are regarded with disdain. A body or soul temporarily stripped from his realm, by any other than his own servants, is viewed as an insult to his name.

Glomm, the Aspect of Mystery

Goddess of performance, corruption, secrets, avarice, wealth, opportunity, and efficiency


Snakes; the color of putrid poison; insects; coins; woodsman’s axes

The Serpent’s Whisper
In the world of mortal kind, lies are spoken every day. No one is free from it, even those who claim to be truthful in all regards. To Glomm, there is only one lie that stands above all others; one to which all people are held accountable whether they believe it or not. This is the belief that a being truly knows herself. No one is above everything, and everyone has a price. It is the serpent who finds its way into those dark corners to exploit that price.
Temptation is the manifestation of the desires from the underlying thoughts of all minds. Indulge in it and grow. Desire drives empires to emerge, wars to be fought, love to be founded, and all the greatest achievements in history.
The Rot
Corruption feeds to the soul through lies, deception, subterfuge, and other trickeries. In turn the Rot that exists in everyone grows, bringing enlightenment to those who embrace it. The rot in turn imparts secrets, symbiotically. For every indulgence, every secret, every trick, every lie, and every impulse perpetrated, the Rot grows and the bond between mortal and god becomes ever closer.

Malyc, the Aspect of Instinct

God of survival, thunderstorms, madness, broken objects, hunting, motion, and capriciousness


Coyotes; the color of flashing lightning; open eyes; hunting traps; wands

The Reckless Hand
The strong survive and the weak remain as corpses for the rest to trample upon. Structure brings about complacency and those who become complacent fall stagnant. In striving to avoid routine and patterns, every experience is new and unpredictable. Each moment becomes a test of survival. Every action should be new and unknown. Anarchy ensures freedom from self-imposed rules and the rules of others.
Mayhem and Disorder are a wild force with no direction, and so should be His servants. A storm is a force without pattern or plan that wreaks havoc upon everything in its path. The servant must thrive on impulsive action and with that, become as wild and powerful as the storm itself. By abandoning a single path of rules and values, every moment becomes a step forward. Without ordered structure, there can be no regression.
A Prison of Fear
Power belongs to those who hold the upper hand in all matters, and the upper hand is claimed by those who cast away their fear with reckless abandon. Fear is a tool used to control the weak and feeble minded masses. To live without fear is to escape the binding force that breeds complacency, order, and conformity. Without fear, there is no room in the heart for doubt or question, only freedom from the constraints that all beings are shackled to at birth. Fearlessness and Lawlessness are the only true path to freedom.

Valos, the Aspect of Justice

God of daytime, virtue, courageous action, inquisition, athletics, pride, and summertime


Lions; the color of the brightest light; courts; crowns; spears

A King Reborn
Those who worship the King of the Light believe in truth and justice above all. Truth in word and deed exemplify the ideal that one need not ever deceive another to do what is right, especially in battle. One who upholds truth becomes a beacon for all to rally behind and becomes a sign of inspiration for others.
A holy servant serves justice equally and fairly to all, regardless of their creed in life. Justice serves to protect the innocent from harm that may come to them. A just warrior carries out the God King’s will against injustice, shedding the light of truth before the force of the righteous hammer.
The Scales of Balance
To serve justice without law, is the promotion of Vigilantism. To serve law without justice, is the promotion of Tyranny. Neither will put any soul on the righteous path, and so the scales of Judgment must balanced in Law and Justice. As it is He who writes the Divine Law, the righteous must uphold and protect it. The righteous must seek to abolish the weights that break the balance of the scales, so that the law of man is ever closer to the Divine.

Visigalis, the Seeker of the Aspects

Divine force of mortality, balance, unity, growth, introspection, doom, and prosperity


Dragonflies; the color of refracted light; acorns; waterfalls; faceted pendants

Exploration of the Aspects
Seek to understand the aspects of the world and find new ways to view and interpret them. While other divine forces in the world put emphasis and focus on the most common aspects, but others are still ripe to learn from as well, such as greed, luck, innovation, and philosophy. A follower of the Seeker must seek out their own aspects to focus on within themselves and explore them until she finds there is no more to understand. Stagnation is the death of the soul, and true worship can only be achieved by constantly learning and honoring the aspects.
Inward Reflection
Not all is learned by balancing the dichotomy of the world. In fact, much more is learned by reflecting upon the lessons and experiences one has during their journey. For the Seeker, understanding oneself in whole brings the follow closer to the true teachings of Him. A Visigalan should always seek to find the deeper, inner meaning behind her own actions and understand their purpose through life.