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The Coven of the Eldritch Star has five chapters; Mist, Steam,Lava, Clay and Smoke. Each chapter is run by five siblings from the wealthy Meldicia family who all grew up with tremendous magical talent.  They used their family resources to get the best training from the best schools.  When they appeared to hit a plateau and could grow in power no more, they had become so addicted to learning that when the opportunity presented itself, they collectively agreed to make a pact with a dark entity named Malvazad, to continue training beyond their natural limits. This dark entity infused itself with them allowing them a greater power and opening doorways that are otherwise closed to mankind.  In addition to their dark gifts, they each were infused with a combination of elements.  All five coven leaders have the ability to control weak minds and bend them to their will.  This ability has allowed them each to build a small army of followers who have been brainwashed both naturally and magically to fight for their cause. It is estimated that each coven leader controls between one to three hundred dominated soldiers.

In January of 1218 The Eldritch Star enacted a strike against the Kingdom of Kormyre, intent on taking control by force and then using a very weak and distant blood relation to the royal family to quell the masses. Thier plan hit a brick wall named Travance as they somehow underestimated the task they set out to accomplish. Four of the five armies where defeated, and three of the five leaders were killed. Of those who were left, Hystern Meldicia sat in a Travancian jail cell and Camilla Meldicia’s army stood down and disbanded as she was released to go back to Ravenhurst.

Mendrix Meldicia – The Mist Chapter - DECEASED 

This coven chapter was run by Mendrix Meldicia who is a seasoned battle mage able to cast with a ferocity and speed seldom seen among powerful sorcerers.  He views those beneath him with contempt and the soldiers under his command are merely toys to be used with overwhelming force. He views all of his followers as disposable tools. He is very clearly a terrible human being, and was likely so even before the dark pact took place. His lack of charisma leads you to the idea that no one must be following this man willingly, or if they are then it is out of fear or a shared love evil. Mendrix is referred to as the coven leader of Mist, likely because of his great mastery over water and air.  It is said that he is the most impatient of his siblings and has made it clear that his attack will be the first. 

Aris Meldicia – The Steam Chapter - DECEASED

This coven chapter was run by Aris Meldicia, a stern commander who has eschewed luxuries as being distracting. Aris has studied martial arts almost as extensively as he has the Arcane. As such, he expects his troops to be as disciplined and orderly as he is. While he is tactically-minded and does not want his troops to blindly throw themselves to their deaths, he is not afraid to sacrifice them to attain his goals, and is willing to gets his hands dirty. While trained with a variety of weapons, he prefers hand to hand combat and has been known to completely decimate armed opponents using only his fists as a lesson to others Aris is known to some as the coven leader of Steam, perhaps due to his mastery over fire and water magics. 

Hystern Meldicia – The Clay Chapter

This chapter was run by Hystern Meldicia who is possibly the most charming of his siblings. It appears that more of his army follow him by choice and less by dominance. He is more soft spoken and appears to surround himself by people who compliment his weaknesses. He can exude power if he needs to, but he does lean heavily on his lieutenant Mord, who is roughly the size of a OX and has been known to cleave his axe through trees in one swipe. Hystern is known as the Coven Leader of Clay, likely because of his mastery over water and earth magics, but also because of his many clay sculptures that he is known for creating. Most are real statues, while some are animated through magic.

Embrose Meldicia – The Lava Chapter - DECEASED

This chapter was run by Embrose Meldicia who is a master fencer in addition to being a powerful sorcerer. Of all his siblings Embrose seems to feel closest with the dark entity that made a pact with them.

Embrose and Camilla  kept their Chapters on the mainland side of the rift, while their brothers Mendrix, Aris and Hystern raise Travance and bring back the head of Count Everest. Embrose was to lead his army through the lands of Fenrick where he was likely to do the most amount of carnage, and meet the least amount of initial resistance as it is the Kingdoms breadbasket.

Camilla Meldicia – The Smoke Chapter

This chapter was run by Camilla Meldicia who is the second eldest of the Meldicia siblings, and a large contributor to the puppeteering of the Coven. The mastermind behind many of the actions taken by her family, Camilla was the one to suggest the group make their name “Eldritch Star.” Since then, it has seemed whatever her desires for the Coven have been have fallen nicely in to place.

On top of her mastery of fire and air, earning her the title of Coven Leader of Smoke, she is known to be adept at the art of casting deadly magics so quickly while locked in martial combat that it seems her spells may as well be a second sword.

Embrose and Camilla intend to keep their Chapters on the mainland side of the rift, while their brothers Mendrix, Aris and Hystern raise Travance and bring back the head of Count Everest. Camilla intends to invade through the forests of Arkovnia, holding the border and ensuring the protection of the lands that will soon belong to the Meldicia family from others who think they can usurp them.

Malvazad The Malignant 
Malvazad is an ancient dark power that has been largely dormant. Only on rare occasion does it’s power reach out and trade powers for obedience.  It is unclear whether or not Malvazad has a physical form anymore or if it is merely a power of influence… but old symbols related to the dark entity are usually depicted as a dark tentacle lain across a white background.

It is unclear whether Malvazad is a demon, a devil, or a generic force. History does not speak much about this force. It does not appear to play many parts within events in the past and those that seem connected have details generic enough to not be worth mentioning.

Ritual of Dark Strength 

A ritual circle of dark strength is a dark mystic circle that acts as a conduit for power, while the sorcerer inside is acting as the energy source. It is a means to amplify and transfer power. The sorcerer inside concentrates on pushing the energy out of their body, into the circle, which then amplifies it and transfers to any nearby creatures whom feeds off of dark power. Great caution has to be used when such a circle is activated. There is instability if too many bodies are in the circle at the same time, which will create a energy sink vortex, almost instantly obliterating all within it.

The Meldicia Family 

The Meldicia Family has roots that go back to the beginning of the third age. All accounts of the family have placed it at being wealthy having initially created their wealth from selling fancier clothing to the well to do. In later years the family switched to selling rare and sought after books to those in pursuit of knowledge, which appears to be their current business.

The Meldicia Family does in fact appear to have a claim, albeit an extremely distant and weak one. Approximately six generations ago King Lorrel Nostrove’s Aunt, Melinda Delmore married Artimus Meldicia, whom after several generations share blood with the Meldicia Family located in Ravenhurst which is where the coven leaders of the Eldritch Star are from. The family has always boosted about this connection to the royal family and has used it on many occasions to generate interest in their business dealings.