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The Dwarves live within the great mountain ranges of the west, their territory spanning to the northern wastes. King Ironforge, who tolerates no evil, rules their nation. This legacy has carried through the ages from the dawn of their people’s time upon this land. Each king has ruled from the mithril throne of Calasvorin, and their people have lived harmoniously due to their honorable dictatorship. The Dwarven halls are built in such a way that demands the admiration of those walking through them. Their entire nation acts as one enormous building. Great halls connect different sections dividing them into their respective groups, industrial from residential and such. Dwarves, while not hostile towards foreigners, do not welcome them. Calasvorin has had very good relations with the kingdom of Kormyre, while relations are strained with the empire of Gaaldron, who side with their dark brethren.